What is the “green construction” under the BREEAM certification

What is the “green construction” under the BREEAM certification

What is the “green construction” under the BREEAM certification

BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) is a well-known method of ecological verification of modern real estate objects. More than twenty years of existing certification BREEAM, were issued more than 555 thousand of relevant certificates, and registered buildings (which have passed certification) – over two millions. BREEAM estimation system is deemed an all-business approach of evaluation especially in Europe, because there are current norms, laws and requirements in construction industry. As method BREEAM is enough popular, but the evaluation system differs of its flexibility and multiplicity that particular it includes vary approaches to carry out expertise of industrial, commercial and trade real estate. This comprehensive character of BREEAM certification allows to project organizations and owners of buildings implement it in different European states. As regards the method of evaluation considers national and regional peculiar features of law construction, that, agreeably, the biggest amount of points due to BREEAM method in Ukraine will be different from the same one in Sweden. It means that evaluation BREEAM system is sensitive to internal standards, business climate, management in the sphere of ecology and certification. Thus, BREEAM evaluation method allows for developers and designers not only develop and implement requisite standards for green eco-construction.

What are the benefits of BREEAM certification to developers, owners and investors? The specialists and experts of real estate market emphasis the followings advantages of BREEAM approach realization:

  • The procedure of certification directly related with achievement of ecological and corporate goals;
  • Guaranty of usage of technologies, materials and resources favorable for long-period construction;
  • Accurate criteria of evaluation;
  • Allowing to decrease exploitation expenses of building and improve workspace for occupants of office and care about natural environment;
  • Positioning at global and national markets of real estate like a follower of buildings which less impact on external environment;
  • Accelerated search of innovative decisions forward on minimization of harmful impact on nature, life and health of population.

Thus, certificate of BREEAM provides many benefits for his owner. During construction phase, designers hold all rules of safety and ecological construction works for employees, constructors and streetwalkers. Because at this stage are conducted the monitoring and measurement of quantity of used materials and resources, and in addition, technologies for their economy, that, in return, it leads to reducing of relevant expenses.  During operational period of building lifecycle, tested by BREEAM approach, it is always noticeable internal convenience and safe conditions for work. For example, it was mentioned of reducing of water consumption volume to 39% and energy consumption fluctuates between 25-50%. However, what in this case we can refer to disadvantage of BREEAM approach? Analysts think that the main minus of this method is the absence of regional priority during certification.

The BREEAM evaluation system covers such criteria as consumption of energy, materials and water, level of well-being and health, novation, land use, waste disposal and pollution, transport. Each of mentioned categories reflect the factor`s impact (from the low to up), for example, project fixity and flexibility to internal and external changes, sensibility to climate and landscape conditions, value calculation of resource like ecologically clear one. During BREEAM estimation process, every category subdivided into certain issues that are necessary to evaluate for getting points. If the issue solved, the tested category could obtain points for this one.

The competence of specialists of MCL, LLC involves in itself consulting about special aspects of BREEAM certification, her organizing in form «ready-to-operate» and supporting company all necessary tools for getting the best certificate. Often during certification procedure, it needs to organize laboratory samples, engaging of qualified ecologist for making report about soil removal, vegetation clearance. The MCL, LLC specialists are able to provide you full range of services in the field of energy efficiency, ecology, cooperation with foreign partners and local authorities of management and certification. Absolute advantage of MCL, LLC is our longstanding experience and reliable international partnership authorized in real estate management.