To obtain license (permission) for hazardous waste management

To obtain license (permission) for hazardous waste management

To obtain license (permission) for hazardous waste management

In July 2016 was approved the Act of Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine «On approval of license provisions for business activity in hazardous waste management». These license provisions prescribe the general requirements to business entities, activity of which related with hazardous waste, and determine the required documents for obtaining license (permission) for hazardous waste management.

The hazardous waste is a type of waste with biologic, physical, chemical and other features, the using of which requires special methods and equipment, therefore, they can cause a significant hazard for environment, human`s health and lives. The hazardous waste are the waste of I, II and III class of danger.

Hazardous waste management means a complex of actions directed on preventing of hazardous waste production, and in case of waste generation – collecting, sorting, storing, transporting, recycling, disposal or utilizing. According to the law of Ukraine «On waste» prohibited to transfer or realize hazardous waste for enterprises that do not use ecologically safe methods of hazardous waste disposal.

The business entities, which use even one type of hazardous waste in their activities must comply the following requirements:

  • To have license for hazardous waste management;
  • To have a developed plan for allocation and elimination of accidents and disasters;
  • To use preventive measures of occurrence the accidents for protecting environment and humans;
  • It is compulsory to inform the local self-government authorities, state executive authorities and the public about the occurrence of accident at object;
  • To comply all measures for environment, but in case of pollution – to eliminate the consequences;
  • To identify the enterprise as object of higher risk due to the law of Ukraine «On objects of higher risks»;
  • To have current safety declaration;
  • To provide for employees all required collective and individual protective equipment for operations with hazardous waste.

But in accordance to the law of Ukraine «On licensing of types of business activities», if the business entity collect and accumulate produced hazardous waste, from the beginning of their generating during a year transfer the hazardous waste to licensed enterprise for utilization, so is not compulsory to have license for hazardous waste management.

If the business entity violates the license provisions for hazardous waste management, his license will be canceled.

The places for hazardous waste placement must have a specialized passport (certificate) including information on the name and code of waste, waste structure, technic conditions of waste storing (protecting measures, level of safety). In specially designated places for the placement of hazardous wastes, it prohibited to carry out any other operations not related with their placement.The collecting and sorting of hazardous waste are carried out due to the types of waste and class of danger, that`s why: the hazardous waste of I class of danger are collected in rigid sealed containers; the hazardous waste of II class of danger can be collected in polyethylene bags, plastic bags regarding to their state of matter; hazardous waste of III class of danger must be collected in such way as to ensure their localization during loading and transporting.

If while collecting the hazardous waste it will be identified that they are mixed with household waste, so it should be sorted out and transferred for disposal.

MCL, LLC offers a complex of plan for allocation and elimination of accidents and disasters for obtaining license for hazardous waste management including a full support during licensing procedure with compliance of current sanitary and legislative requirements in the field of hazardous waste management.