Design of constrcution facilities

Design of constrcution facilities

The construction of any objects always begins from the projecting construction. The project stage is seemed the most important stage during which the required agreements are defined and obtained, and without which it is impossible even to build a protective fence. The list of the main agreements is regulated by the acts and laws on an urban development activity.

Urban development activity strictly regulated by a number of key laws on urban development activity that are designed for protecting the interests of the state, citizens and land owners. Do not avoid an environmental legislation which also imposes certain requirements and criteria for new construction objects, especially if these objects belong to the list of hazardous for environment. The special aspects of projecting construction, which are tightly linked with their purpose to environment or significant impact on it, require not only knowledge of normative acts of urban development activity and natural resources protection, but also an experience of using the such knowledge in practice.

MCL, LLC regarding on successful experience in the sphere of ecology, natural resources protection and sanitary-epidemiological surveillance, proposes for business entities the services of projecting the objects construction. If you apply to authorized company MCL, LLC which during ten years successfully designed and implemented individual project solutions for the most difficult cases, the business entities will have a guaranty of high quality services in time.

Projecting the objects construction can be conducted both individually and as part of a complex of services, including with conducting of complex construction expertise, ecology-expertise appraisal, obtaining the conclusion of ecological expertise, justifying the possibility of deviations from SCN in the context of Sanitary Rules and Norms, Declaration of the beginning of an execution of preparatory or construction works, obtaining the declaration of operational process.

Such services are particularly relevant in projecting and constructing of objects that exist or through special conditions of construction or operation have a significant impact on natural environment.

There are some examples of these objects:

  1. The rubbish recycling plants or the landfills of solid household waste. Projecting of these objects is impossible without specialized skills and practical experience. Therefore, the construction and operation of the rubbish recycling plants and the landfills of SHW significantly impact on soils, water and air environment. Also the operations of landfill of SHW require besides projecting and also compulsory licensing. The license for waste disposal confirms the legitimacy of landfill of SHW and availability of specific environmental protection measures and equipment on it.
  2. Hydroelectric power stations (small hydroelectric power stations), mini GPS, projecting of water supply system and water disposal, construction of treatment facilities and systems of water-treatment. Therefore, ecological safety of such objects functioning and, obviously, that such object refers to the list of activities of increased environmental hazard through direct impact on water environment during construction. The projects of objects construction must base on an engineering and geological surveys and compulsory include in itself fish protection facilities.
  3. Heat and electric power stations, projecting and construction of boiler station, construction of heat supply station. For ensuring the energy efficiency and resource saving (environmental) of the boiler house is necessary before the choice of its future location to design a project allowing the owner of equipment for heat energy production maximally efficiently and safely for the environment to exploit it.

This is a partial list of examples, which has been successfully completed by the project team of MCL, LLC. Thanks to partner relationships with the best research and project organizations of Ukraine, MCL, LLC can propose the best terms for projecting the objects construction.