Design of the construction of rubbish recycling plant

Design of the construction of rubbish recycling plant

Design of the construction of rubbish recycling plant

Today such thing as municipal waste means not only used items and remnants of consumption, but also recycled raw materials, amendments and even fuel! To this day, such modern tendencies in Ukraine are present only in news and consciousness of activists. Despite the proven profitability of rubbish recycling plants and availability of modern solutions, public authorities are reluctant to channel budget funds for plants development and operation of waste recycling.

Environmental protection legislation consists of laws, orders and acts which regulate waste management and landfill allocation. But tools and leverages for regulating and stimulating of secondary waste use are lack. Only conscious and well-known entrepreneurs perceive the benefits and perspectives of such activity.

Ukrainian legislative acts cannot give answers on questions of waste recycling. But through it all, the specialists of MCL, LLC have sufficient experience and expert knowledge for consulting and making solutions of any difficulty in the sphere of ecology and sanitary-epidemiological surveillance.

At present, in Ukraine, more than ten projects are under design and three modern waste recycling plants are under construction. Our neighbors – companies from Poland and Italy propose the completed solutions allowing to construct and begin the process of waste recycling less than a year. Successful experience of partnership with such companies relates with MCL, LLC – is a business company that implement designing projects and legal support for business entities which are intend or in process of waste management.

It worth to note that, although the facilities for recycling reduce the amount of waste that gets to landfills, but their efficiency is not absolute. Therefore, the owner of waste recycling plant should foresee a place for waste disposal. It could be the territory of other enterprises-landfills or own territory. The construction of landfill of SHW requires projecting and preliminary approvals of environmental protection and local authorities. License for waste disposal confirms the legitimacy of landfill of shw and availability of specific environmental protection measures and equipment on it.

MCL, LLC proposes enterprises, that perform their activity or just plan to operate with waste recycling and disposal, a complex of services of design and legal support, obtaining license for landfill, obtaining license for waste disposal. These services include in itself: consults while choosing the locations of the designed object, consults for determining square for landfill allocation, engineering and geological surveys at land plot, projecting the construction of rubbish recycling plant, projecting of wells for underground water state control, projecting of meteorological stations for state of atmospheric air control, conduction of laboratory measurements of noise, controlling for emissions of pollutant substances into atmospheric air, conducting agrochemical researchers of soil, executing of project and remediating of landfills, executing of EIE for current object, obtaining license for landfill of shw, obtaining license for waste disposal, conducting of state ecological expertise.