Buildings certification in accordance with LEED standard

U.S. standard LEED «Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design» of green buildings certification not just prescribe new trends in modern construction, but also became an etalon program of buildings evaluation among the world. Providing of service of international LEED certification allows companies to evaluate building or construction effectiveness. The main objective of this service providing is minimization of impact on environment, human health and society at large, sustainable use of water resources, energy and materials. For conducting the process of LEED certification, it is necessary to consider such criteria – land of plot, construction materials and resources, engineering service level for building maintenance, and transport accessibility to building. Green buildings and construction certified by LEED standard are the high level of green certification worldwide.

How the process of LEED certification should conducted?

  • Design of building energy model under the standard ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers);
  • Design recommendations and proposition on amendments in project of reducing energy and resources usage;
  • Design recommendations for engineering and technical system of buildings;
  • LEED`s consultant conducts systematically monitoring of quality construction and other project works;
  • On plot of land there is conducting of assembling of data necessary for LEED certification;
  • Due to the results of each verification it should be write an appropriate report;
  • Conducting of verifications: at primary (project) stage and at construction and maintenance stages.

The quality of service providing of LEED certification directly concerned with up and running teamwork among all stages of project.

At design stage, as previously noted, it developed model of energy consumption of future project. Exactly energy modeling means the process of mathematical model of changes or fluctuations in building`s operation during current period of time. As you can see that this model is similar to energy passport, but consists of data in dynamics. If you want to achieve high results in certification process, you should engage the LEED`s consultant at this moment, consequently allowing to design in project the most beneficial decision of energy conservation.

At construction stage, it implemented all project decisions so that LEED certification prescribes first electronic expertise. If tested building passes verification, but the certificate about successful review can be given only after ten months of its maintenance.

In this manner, let`s view special aspects of LEED certification and its advanced requests to developers at operation and maintenance stage. During noted ten months, personal responsible for building maintenance must control the changes or fluctuations in building`s operation. Also at this phase, special LEED commission conducts an expertise of actual indicators of energy and water consumption, resource and material-efficient use with planned. Only after this, you can get LEED certificate. Detailed information about types of LEED certifications and necessary amount of points for each of them you cam view here.

The owner of certificate has some benefits of LEED over non-certified buildings:

  • high quality of construction,
  • competitiveness in construction industry,
  • positive reputation on real estate market,
  • improvement of workplaces leads to high up employee`s productivity,
  • building correspondence to requirements of international standards,
  • increasing rental value approximately on 5%,
  • reducing operational expenses approximately on 35%,
  • increasing  building market value approximately on 10%.

The specialists of MCL, LLC can consult you about all aspects of LEED certification, organize it for your company in form «ready-to-operate» and support you to obtain the best LEED certificate. Often the certification process requests laboratory-surveying, conclusions of qualified specialists, presence of ecologist, drawing up act on vegetation and clearance, soil removal. Our specialists are able to provide a full range of services in the field of ecology, energy efficiency, and cooperation with international and local management, control and certification authorities. Exactly, our absolute experience and reliable international partnership in the sphere of commercial property management are our unconditional advantage.