Ecological audit

Ecological audit is one of tools of ecological management system aimed for implementation of environmental protection measures in production process and strategic planning of enterprise. Ecological audit refers as estimation process of certain object by independent person or organization by collecting, analysis and evaluation of information about enterprise`s activity, methods and ecological management system for compliance the requirements of current Ukrainian legislation on ecological audit.

Conduction of ecological audit is necessary for impact estimation on environment of industrial company`s activity; for data collection about ecological special aspects of production and other processes for conclusion preparation on ecological audit; for effectiveness and purposefulness estimation of measures, that implemented on enterprise for environmental protection.

In which way does ecological audit conduct? The realization of ecological audit functions conducts in three stages: previous, audit and final.

Previous or initial stage prescribes:

  • Development of schedule for estimation, including collection of necessary information, analysis of reporting and previous audit verifications. In addition, on this stage main goals, tasks and priorities of audit verification are established.
  • Detailed selection of participants of audit verification, because team of auditors must include in itself not only specialist of ecology, but also the specialists of economics and engineering systems or production processes.
  • Studying by auditors team the special aspects of company`s activity including climate conditions, geographic location and other factors that directly related with enterprise`s activity.

Audit stage prescribes the following actions:

  • Analysis of reports and permissions for emissions and waste from production activity.
  • Estimation of ecological programs and measures, which implemented at enterprise and system of control for their compliance.
  • Evaluation of personal knowledge and effectiveness of management system.
  • Control for production and office equipment.
  • Conduction of close interview with personal of all levels of organizational structure for identification of management system effectiveness.

During the last final stage of ecological audit, there are next procedures:

  • Conduction of general estimation of received indicators and bring up for collective discussion.
  • Preparation of report on conduction of ecological audit and providing for CEO with itemized recommendations for improvement of functioning of ecological management system.
  • If it is necessary, it could be propositions to improve or reduce personnel responsibility of employees that perform certain functions.

As already mentioned, the result of ecological; audit is preparation of conclusion on its conduction. Ecological auditor develops conclusion on the basis of evidences and collected information about correspondence of estimated object to current requirements of environmental protection and management of natural resources. This document must consist of next information about:

  • Aim, object, audit team list, and list of laws for compliance of which audit conducts;
  • Description of audit object and the level of its impact on environment;
  • Description of territory where the researched object is located;
  • Used materials, resources and waste management;
  • Characteristics of management system and implemented ecological measures and procedures for negative impact reducing on environment;
  • Conclusions and recommendations due to results of audit verification.

It worth to note that conclusions of audit verification is consumer property of audit conduction, so other participants of verification, who have their copies, do not have right to make public information about audit object.

The compulsory ecological audit conducts by request of public authorities and executive power in case if object is in process of bankruptcy, privatization, transferring into municipal or state property, ecological insurance, establishing joint ventures on the basis of state and municipal enterprises and in case of long-period lease of enterprises of state and utility property.

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