Deviations from the State constrcution codes in the context of Sanitary rules and norms

Every building or structure that are in project or in construction must correspond to the requirements of construction norms (SCN), sanitary rules and norms (Sanitary Rules and Norms, SSR). State sanitary rules and norms are documents that determine criteria and terms of human health safety for providing the optimal and permissible terms of human’s activity. These norms are developed for preventing an anthropogenic impact of environment on human health and they are compulsory for complying. Hygienic normative standards, mentioned in these rules, consist of information about permissible concentrations, levels and dozes that can be because of activity or process without injuries for human health. The state authorities of sanitary surveillance – State Service of Ukraine for food safety and consumer protection, conduct the control for compliance of sanitary norms.

Therefore SCN, nominally, is a general document that updated periodically, «…but due to the variety, atypy and complexity in some cases, the terms of design and construction, it is very difficult to enclose into the norms all possible details of admissible variants of project and technological solutions,  that again correspond to safe environment for life and human health» – Kysmenko Volodymyr, chief operating officer of department of state architectural and construction control of Kyiv city state administration.

Often, before an owner of a real estate object, the problem of impossibility to comply every norm arises because of the limited area, or other local conditions. In such cases, the owner of object can implement the special project solutions allowing in fact meeting the requirements of state norms. Such project solutions must be justified and approved by the conclusion on possible construction or operation taking into account the deviations from SCN. The design and approval of individual project solutions for case is quite difficult procedure, therefore the designed engineering and project solution has to fully solve a problem, maximum closely correspond the construction norms and standards and prevent similar circumstances in future.

Therefore, MCL, LLC for satisfying the demands of business entities – developers, proposes high-qualified services of projecting individual project solutions for legal and safe construction for human health including the deviations from sanitary norms. For implementing the most efficient and useful solution, each separate case is required detailed research both the project itself and the elements of environment. In case of insufficient lightning or lack of minimal insolation (irradiation) in premises, lack of space to allocate DS (distribution substations), impossibility of residential development within sanitary-hygienic zone – please, address to MCL, LLC for simple and effective construction solutions.

To justify the cost engineering of anthropogenic factors on human health in cases of deviations from SCN in the context of Sanitary Rules and Norms it is necessary to conduct the comprehensive research of construction project, study project documentation, its structure and content, analysis of used construction materials and determine the correspondence to the requirements and rules, appraisal of all risks and advantages of justifying the deviations from the state construction norms, calculate a cost of implementation of designed individual project solution and develop plan of actions for its realization.

Each approval – is a separate individual case, but basing on analysis of project solutions, we can make conclusions about the possibility of deviation from the norms.

Thanks for long-term experience and tightly partner relationships with the best engineering and project organizations, MCL, LLC provides professional services of projecting the individual solutions, their implementing and justifying the cost engineering of anthropogenic factors on human health in cases of deviation from SCN in the context of Sanitary Rules and Norms.