Development of remediation project

Loss 1 hectare of the fertile top layer of soil is a loss of 6 tons of wheat every year!!!

Land resources is the most valuable nature wealth and facility for production for almost all industries of economy. Although, efficiency of land resource use influence on rate and development of production, productive forces and population`s well-being. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention on protection of land resources, preservation of fertile layers of soils and implementation technologies for increasing fertility and efficiency of land use. Land Code of Ukraine prescribes remediation of lands (according to the article 165), that means a complex of technic, organizational and biotechnological measures oriented on improving of disturbed lands, increasing fertility of soils and restoring of soil surface.

For remediation of lands it is necessary to design remediation project. Remediation project is an integral part of permissible documentation, that designed for defining and implementing the most suitable solutions for more efficient use of disturbed lands. Remediation project consists of an information about measures plan of technical and biological remediation. The following positions are considered in the remediation project:

  • Defining direction of remediation and target purpose of remediated lands (for example, for fish or forest sector, agricultural needs);
  • Organization and procedure of measures for remediation;
  • Defining list of implementation mechanical equipment and machines;
  • Defining territory for allocation of stripped layer of soil;
  • Executing timing schedule of works for remediation of disturbed lands and returning on them fertile soil surface.

Remediation project compulsory includes budget estimate of planned works on disturbed lands, funding and forecast of possible increasing cost of mineral resources by increasing the cost of remediation. Remediation project can be designed as for disturbed lands that are not in processing and as for lands that are in processing or on projecting.

Time after time, the necessity to conduct remediation is occurring at legal entities that operate in the sphere of construction and other activity which can impact on top layer of soil. According to the article 168 of Land Code of Ukraine «Soils protection», owners of land plots, conducting their activity which can disrupt top layer of soil, are obligated to conduct «…stripping, storing, preserving top layer of soil and applying it on plot form which it was removed (remediation) or on other land plot for increasing it productivity and other features». Due to the requirements of current environmental legislation, enterprises, organizations and establishments which conduct industrial or other construction, develop mineral resources deposits, and also conduct other works, are obligated to strip, store and apply fertile layer of soil on lands that are in remediation or on unproductive lands.

MCL, LLC proposes any enterprises or owner of land plots to design remediation project, conduct remediation, eliminate soil pollution, execute rotation of crops project, obtain permission for remediation, obtain permission for stripping fertile layer of soil urgent and by the competitive prices.

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