Preparation a package of documents for license of subsoil use

According to the Code of mineral resources of Ukraine, mineral resources are an exclusive property of Ukrainian population and provided only for use. Mineral resources – is a part of the earth’s crust which located between land surface and ground of water objects, and stretched to the depth, suitable for geological research and exploration. Special permission for mineral resources using is a document allowing mineral resources using, conducting geological explorations and commercial and research developments of mineral resources deposits, underground waters, constructing and using underground constructions for storage of oil and gas, and, actually, conducting oil and gas mining. The special permission for mineral resources using is issued by the Public service of geology and mineral resources of Ukraine (Derzhheonadra) due to the established requirements of «Order for special permissions for mineral resources using», from 30th of May 2011 №615 in case of obtaining permission without holding auction and «Order for holding an auction of trading special permissions for mineral resources using» approved by the Act of Cabinet Ministers of Ukraine №594 from 30th of May 2011 according to the procedure of auction trading.

 For obtaining special permission for mineral resources using without holding auction, in other words, on standard conditions, it is necessary to prepare and appropriately execute required documents. The specialists of MCL, LLC have sufficient experience to execute all required documentation, specifically:

  • explanatory note which justifies aims of an applicant for mineral resources using;
  • copies of passport and identification number;
  • authenticated copies of permission for special water use (only for deposits of underground water);
  • laboratory researches results of particular type of mineral resources and underground waters;
  • characteristics of land plot;
  • geographical coordinates and maps;
  • geological and hydrological maps (only for deposits of underground waters) and schemes of cross sections;
  • action plan at land plot;
  • agreements on terms for mineral resources using.

It worth to note that for each type of mineral resource using is approved individual list of required documents. More information you can find in Appendix 1 of Act №615 of Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

The procedure of obtaining permission for mineral resources using begins with receiving approvals of local power bodies. Completed package of documents is necessary to provide no less than 20 days before session. Sometimes, applicant can be invited for oral justification purpose of obtaining permission for mineral resources using during commission before 10 days to beginning of session. Local power body due to established order holds approvals for permissions.

Simultaneously with approval at local power body, it is appropriate to approve obtaining special permission for mineral resources using at Ministry of ecology and nature resources of Ukraine. Provided package of documents is checked at Ministry of ecology and sent to state ecological inspection for preparing ecological card about reasons to issue permission for mineral resources using on the authority of Ministry of ecology. Whereas, the Ministry of ecology studies provided package of documents with ecological card.

In case of obtaining permission for geological exploration including commercial development of mineral resources deposits and their mining, it is necessary to provide package of documents with approval of local power bodies for State service of mining supervision and industrial safety of Ukraine (Derzhhirpromnahlyad). After obtaining all approvals it is necessary to prepare documents in accordance to Act №615 for Derzhheonadra. Derzhheonadra checks provided documents, and if there are no corrections and remarks, documents are passed to State scientific-production enterprise «State information geological fund of Ukraine» (SSPE «Geoinform of Ukraine») for expertise of geological data. If in accordance to the results of expertise enterprise-applicant is seemed prepare for applicable type of mineral resources using, this question will be review by the commission of Derzhheonadra. In case of positive decision on providing permission for mineral resources using, the service of Derzhheonadra sends a letter to State Ukrainian geological exploration institute (UkrSGEI) for calculate cost of permission.

Therefore, the process of obtaining permission for mineral resources using with passing all compulsory state services and organizations, the right execution of package of documents is required enough time and knowledge, so it is better to delegate this for specialists with corresponded long-term experience in the sphere of land use.

Thanks to long-period partnerships of MCL, LLC with profile laboratories and scientific and research centers such as NSC «Institute of Agriculture NAAS» and SE «Ukrainian Geological Company», a unique potential of MCL, LLC allows to conduct all necessary researches and preparation of documents for obtaining permission for mineral resources using.