Preparation a package of documents for license of special water use

The right to use water objects (underground and surface) is conducted due to current water legislation. Water Code of Ukraine defines general and special water use. General water use is conducted by population for personal use (for drinking, bathing, fishing etc.) without obtaining special permits. Special water use can be conducted not only by persons but also by legal entities by way of water abstraction from water objects through technical equipment or device and specially fitted construction, and also discharge in water objects wastewater. Special water use required corresponded permission.

MCL, LLC proposes a full range of services for obtaining permission for special water use for enterprises of any size and type of activity. Regardless on purpose and type of use water resources, our specialists will assist you in obtaining permission for special water use including agreement with all authorities, and preparing all necessary documentation in form «ready-to-operate».

Permission for special water use is licensing document with limited duration which is issued be executive body. Due to the term of duration the types of permissions are divided in long-term and short-term special water use. The short-term permission is provided for 3 years, long-term permission – up to 25 years.

The type of water use plays the major role for special water use permission. The most popular type is general use of artesian well for satisfying economic and production needs of enterprise.

For obtaining special water use permission, the subject of economic activity is obligated to pass certain procedures. If enterprise conducts water abstraction from artesian well, surface water reservoirs or discharge wastewater into surface water reservoirs, filtration fields, city storm drainage, enterprise will be obligated to obtain agreements from state management authorities which conduct control in the sphere of water use such as Public service of geology and mineral resources of Ukraine and Dniprovske basin management of water resources.

MCL, LLC during many years provides professional services in the sphere of natural resources usage. Thanks to partnership with leading enterprises in the field of ecology and management of natural resources, our enterprise provides qualified services on obtaining special water use permission for enterprises regardless on their location.

Special water use permission includes a lot of information about water use: type of water use, type and characteristics of used equipment, limits for water abstraction and discharge, conditions and limits for special water use.

In case of water discharge into water objects, subject of economic activity is obligated to design and approval maximum permissible discharge (MPD) of substances which are disposed into water objects. MCL, LLC in frameworks of services of permissible documents obtaining can propose clients to develop and approval MPD.

The process of obtaining special water use permission, usually, goes on from 40 days until 3 months if there are no remarks from permissible authority. The necessary documents for special water use are: intercession for special water use, normative calculation of water consumption and water discharge, artesian well certificate or other water abstraction construction, treatment facilities certificate (in case of their presence, also must be individual balance norms, laboratory researches of water quality, agreements on canalization or water removal).

If it is necessary MCL, LLC can propose clients to conduct all required laboratory researches of water quality which used or discharged. Regarding to productive relationship with the best laboratory centers of Ukraine, we can conduct necessary analyses and researches in limited time and by competitive prices. In addition, if required, our clients are able to use services of artesian well drilling and design certificates for water abstraction equipment.