Design of landfills of solid household waste/reconstruction of landfills of solid household waste

In modern difficult conditions, construction of rubbish recycling plants has very important sense for stable development and safe future of Ukraine. In terms of environmental disaster, the construction of modern automatic sorting machine (ASM) has a very critical sense, but enterprises and organizations are inclined for construction and operation of landfills of solid household waste (SHW).

Landfills of SHW act as important function for environment and human health. Properly constructed engineering facility for waste storage protects the environment from pollution and destruction. Although, critical role is correctly chosen place for landfill allocation. In case of transformation of landfill of household waste into an illegal dumping it goes to ecological catastrophe that leads to irreversible damages and fatalities.

Construction of rubbish recycling plant or landfill of solid household waste is required responsible approach and understanding of all aspects of surrounding environment (future land plot). Ecological legislation clearly regulates the requirements for projecting of landfill of shw. The main requirements projecting are noticed in SCN.2.4-2 «Landfills of solid household waste». But this SCN only advances the general requirements for projecting and dos not answer on questions which are faced by the entity during the projecting of landfill of shw. Waste management activity is included in the list of activities of increased environmental hazard and requires the conducting of state ecological expertise. Except ecological expertise, business entity activity of which is related with construction or operation of rubbish recycling plant or landfill of SHW, it is necessary to obtain a few agreements, licenses and permissions for legal conducting od planned activity.

With over 10 years of experience in waste management and the extensive network of partner organizations in Ukraine and Eastern Europe, MCL, LLC proposes services for businesses in project or which perform their activities in the sphere of waste disposal, storage and recycling.

In accordance to the current norms of legislation and client`s demands, MCL, LLC conducts ecological and engineering surveys at places aimed for waste disposal, designs the materials for evaluation of impact on environment due to the SCN A.2.2-1, projects and agrees engineering measures for landfill stability as a construction structure, its durability and environmental safety, develops a remediation plan of landfill, conducts instructions for landfill workers, conducts laboratory control of air state, laboratory control of water objects state, laboratory control of noise and vibration levels, conducts independent ecological audit,  designs measures for reducing negative impact on environment, consults during choosing a land plot for object allocation, conducts legal support for obtaining license for landfill, obtaining license for waste disposal.

Thanks to productive partnership with European companies, MCL, LLC can propose clients the projecting of modern and effective plants for waste recycling. These plants can sort waste into 4 groups: Recyclable material (paper, polyethylen, metal scrap); Fuel raw materials (RDF), Organic amendment, Inert waste (construction materials). Sorting is carried out, with a focus on one group (for greater economic profit) or without (for the more effective waste use). The construction of modern rubbish recycling plants is possible on the territory of existing landfills, that significantly simplifies the logistics, increases profitability of enterprise and contributes clearing of environment from harmful impact of waste.

MCL, LLC with sufficient experience in the sphere of ecology and sanitary-epidemiological surveillance, proposes business entities, regardless on their allocation and waste management, to conduct the projecting of complexes for waste recycling including landfills, to obtain license for household waste disposal.