Registration of waste declaration

According to the requirements of article №17 of Law of Ukraine «On waste»:

  • entities must have a license for operations in sphere of waste management if their activity lead to waste production and the indicator of waste production is above 1000;
  • entities which activity lead to waste production and the indicator of waste production is between 50 and 100, are able to present waste declaration annually in form approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

Choice of permits in the waste management based on evaluation of indicator of waste production and actions related with principles of waste management organization, so most of all the service of performing and registration of waste declaration provided in complex with the service of inventory waste. The result of service of inventory waste corresponds the audit of State Environmental Inspection for waste management.

Waste inventory – set of organizational and technical measures for identification, description and registration, quantity production, utilization and removal, identification and inspection of places waste management. The aim of waste inventory is obtaining information about waste production and transportation, their identification, classification and technical documentation, determination the hazardous impact for environment and human health, development appropriate methods of waste management. Therefore, waste inventory is very complex and long-term process. Qualified specialists of MCL, LLC in this sphere are able to develop and register current documents.