For the first time in Ukraine, a residential building is certified according to the BREEAM standard!

For the first time in Ukraine, a residential building is certified according to the BREEAM standard!

For the first time in Ukraine, a residential building is certified according to the BREEAM standard!

In the residential real estate market, many developers have declared this, but ENSO together with the licensed appraiser MCL and Accredited Professional Natalia Naumova really did it. By this time in Ukraine only office buildings have been certified in compliance with ecological standards. It is worth to note that residential complex DIADANS received a prestigious certificate of environmentally friendly and energy efficient construction under the scheme BREEAM International New Construction. The chosen certification scheme indicates the fact that the project team has implemented the best available technological solutions in full at the design stage of the building.

The International standard BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) is the most popular, independent and widely used in Europe method of assessing the quality and environmental friendliness of real estate. The author of the standard is the organization BRE Global (UK). In the twenty-nine years of the standard’s existence, more than 550,000 buildings have received certificates. Moreover, world and European construction experience shows that “green” certification of construction is the absolute norm, and in some countries – accepted at the state level.

“Green” certification is a guarantee of environmental safety, security and comfort for building occupants, the use of quality construction materials, as well as reducing operating costs due to high energy efficiency and economical use of resources.

The main advantages of BREEAM certification for investors, developers and designers are:

  • positioning in the market as the authors of buildings with minimal impact on the environment;
  • reduction of operating costs due to the use of energy efficient equipment and energy modeling of the facility;
  • improving the quality of the working and living environment;
  • guarantee that during the construction of the facility technologies were used that meet the basic principles of sustainable development;
  • introduction of innovative solutions that minimize the impact on the environment;
  • compliance with corporate and organizational environmental goals.

BREEAM is a universal method of assessing the environmental friendliness of real estate, as it takes into account the national characteristics of the region where the project is implemented, as well as local building codes and regulations. Thus, in the process of certification of the DIADANS residential complex by the MCL working group in close cooperation with BRE Global, the directions of development of the construction industry of Ukraine were determined and the weightings for the categories of residential buildings in accordance with BREEAM requirements were approved.

The green building market in Ukraine is just being formed. There is practically no standard of quality and energy efficient construction in Ukraine. Everyone builds in his own way. The implementation of the BREEAM standard in Ukraine will ensure a high level of quality of newly built facilities. The standardization of residential commercial and industrial real estate will have a positive impact on the construction industry in Ukraine, accelerate the energy independence of our country, convinced the CEO of MCL, Mykola Gerasymenko. Developers who are more familiar with the global real estate market are adopting the experience of neighboring countries, implementing technology to distinguish their project from competitors.