The dynamics of renewable energy in Ukraine and in the world for 2018

The dynamics of renewable energy in Ukraine and in the world for 2018

The dynamics of renewable energy in Ukraine and in the world for 2018

The World Bank in publication RISE (Regulatory Indicators for Sustainable Energy) gives the data on the development of renewable energy for 2018. The issue is about “green zone”- ranking of countries that stimulate the development of the renewable energy (RE) through the state and financial mechanisms. To calculate this indicator should be considered the following issues:

  • legal and normative mechanisms of renewable energy in the country;

  • plan of the expanding of RE;

  • accessibility and the level of financial support and stimulation of renewable energy;

  • connection to electric network;

  • monitoring for the emissions of greenhouse gases.

Due to the results of calculations, Asian and European countries are ahead among other by the level of RISE. The first five countries are Germany, UK, Switzerland, India and France. Ukraine is off “green zone”, but is in “yellow zone” by the RISE of 63%. To be in “green zone” RISE should be ≥ 67. The last position take South Sudan, Vanuatu and Somalia.

According to the official data of Bloomberg New Energy Finance, renewable energy in Ukraine and in the world develops very fast. It shows facts and statistics.

1. For 2018 in Ukraine were installed over 813 MW of RE capacities. This is 2.7 times more than in 2017, when RISE was at the level of 300 MW.

2. According to official data of the State agency on energy efficiency and energy saving of Ukraine for the 2018 were launched:

– 646 MW of industrial solar plants and 70 MW of house heating solar system;

– 68 MW of wind farms;

– 25 MW of facilities that operates on biomass and biogas;

– 4 MW of small hydro power plants.

At the beginning of 2019 in Ukraine there are 2,240 MW of green energy.

3. For 2018 in Ukrainian green energy was invested US 2.4 billions of dollars. It is 15 (!) times more than in 2017.

4. The volume of renewable energy investments in the world in 2018 is to 332.1 billion U.S. dollars. The amount is large, but it is 8% less than last year. But for the last five years, investments in green energy exceed US 300 billions.

5. China received the largest financial investments – US 100.1 billionsEuropean countries are the second (US 74.5 billions of dollars) and the third is the United States (64.2 billions of dollars).

6. The significant changes have affected the solar energy: amount of investments were reduced 24% (US 130.8 billions of dollars). It was reasoned by the costs reduction for producing and installing of photovoltaic panels. Despite this today the world capacities of solar plants are 109 GW (in comparing with 2017 total capacity of all solar plants was 99 GW).

7. An offshore wind energy has been attractive for investors in 2018: US 25.7 billions of dollars. It is 14% more than in 2017. Sea Morray Firth East array (capacity of 950 WT) offshore wind farm in the North Sea got investments over US 3.3 billions of dollars. For construction of the 13 wind farms in China were appropriated US 11.4 billions of dollars.

8. Investments in onshore wind farms increased 2% (US 100.8 billions of dollars). Wind park Enel Green Power (South Africa) of 796 MW got 1.4 US billions dollars and Rush Creek (USA) of 600 MW – 1 US billions dollars.

9. The amount of investments for objects that generate energy from biomass and bio gas are increased (US 9.3 billions dollars).

10. There is significant reduction of investments in small hydropower plantsFor 2018 they received 50% less funds than in 2017 ($ 1.7 billion).

Ukraine successfully develops RE. In the Unified Register of EIA there are registered a few tens of procedures of EIA for wind farms. And approval of the “green” auctions for renewable energy could increase a competitiveness among the producers of energy and attract investments.

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