Ecological risks assesment (due diligence of ecological risks)

Ecological risks assesment (due diligence of ecological risks)

Ecological risks assesment (due diligence of ecological risks)

While planning any activity it is necessary to consider not only a modern environmental situation, but also its formation and development on previous stages for identifying possible risks related with realization of activity. The compliance of the legislative requirements in the field of ecology, environmental protection and sanitary-hygienic control is a guaranty of successful activity and reducing of ecological risks.

Ecological risks assessment is a professional audit and consulting service including: collecting and studying of information on possible accidents and emergencies and their impact on environment and human; developing preventive measures for such emergencies; analysis of existing safety measures; procedure of loss estimate; evaluation of impact on environment and human health from pollution.

Ecological risks assessment is required for investment projects. For successful realization of investment projects is necessary to study not only financial, economic, social and politic aspects of project, but also ecological. Ecological due diligence of investment project is a probability of possible negative impact on environment and losses estimate. In other words, ecological due diligence is an analysis of planned or performing activity in the view of environmental protection: existing of sources of emissions of pollutant substances; waste calculation; maximum permissible wastewater discharge into water bodies; studying of remissible documentation in the field of business and industrial activity. Ecological risks evaluation is useful for identifying the implicit hazards that can lead to financial losses caused by non-conformity of documentation to legal and sanitary-hygienic norms.

The competency of the experts of MCL, LLC is ecological risks assessment, comprehensive studying of activity according to the current legislative and sanitary-hygienic norms, executing the conclusions due to the results of ecological due diligence and developing recommendations for successful realization of activity within environmental and ecological legislation. In addition, based on the results of ecological risks assessment the experts of MCL, LLC make recommendations for risks management of investment projects.

Today, there is no generally accepted methodology for identifying the ecological risks, but we can foresee the probability of their occurrence and, of course, develop preventive measures. There are two types of ecological risks. The first one means daily impact on environment from anthropogenic activity, and the second one – an excessing of established limits. That`s why the business entities must not only excess established limits, but also minimize negative impact on environment (for example, use gas treatment units while emit pollutant substances into atmosphere, prevent waste production or effective waste use/waste recycling as secondary raw materials, conduct laboratory analysis of wastewater).

MCL, LLC has exposure to provide audit services. The specialists of MCL, LLC can assist you to determine the risk zones, factors of risks, reasons of risks and possible consequences, and, of course, to develop recommendations for their preventing in future.