Project design

Project design

Ukraine has the potential and prospects for wind energy development. By the time wind turbines are launched, the design of the future wind farm must be developed in compliance with the applicable legal requirements. The design of wind farms covers many mandatory procedures in accordance with current legal requirements:

  1. Development of an investment plan to raise funds for the construction of the wind farm.
  2. The business entity must obtain the rights to the land plot where the wind farm is to be built and develop a land management project for that land plot.
  3. Approving the connection of wind turbines to the power grid, obtaining technical specifications and carrying out wind flow measurements.
  4. Develop terms of reference for the design of the wind farm, including obtaining urban development conditions and limitations and approving the construction of the energy facility.
  5. Develop design and cost estimate documentation including environmental impact assessment as a project section.
  6. Carry out an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) in accordance with the law of Ukraine 2059-19 “On Environmental Impact Assessment” for a comprehensive analysis of the environmental impacts of planned activities.
  7. Arrange for preparatory and construction work (submit a notice to start construction work and obtain a building permit).
  8. In accordance with the wind farm’s construction procedure, commissioning and acceptance testing are required.
  9. Energy facility commissioning and connection to the power
  10. A business entity is responsible to obtain a licence for electricity generation in accordance with the procedure established by law.
  11. Membership in the wholesale electricity market must be formalised by submitting the relevant application and signing an agreement.
  12. Apply to the National Commission for State Regulation of Energy and Municipal Services for a feed-in tariff and, if using Ukrainian-made equipment, an application for a premium feed-in tariff.
  13. Conclude an electricity sale and purchase agreement with JSC “Market Operator”.

The design of energy facilities such as wind farms must comply with a number of Ukrainian laws and regulations. It is also necessary to involve researchers, design engineers, analysts and energy sector specialists in the design of wind farms.

MCL is a member of the Ukrainian Wind Energy Association (UWEA), which allows the best wind energy specialists in Ukraine to be involved in the wind power project development process.