Сonducting of remediation

Сonducting of remediation

Land resources is a kind of nature resources which is capable for restoration and for which is characterized by the following features as: vegetation, fertility, landscape, hydrological regime and quality of soils. Land is not only facility for production in agricultural, industrial, forest and fish sectors, but also is a place for allocation of residential and industrial objects. Therefore, land resources protection, soil preservation and increasing soil fertility are the basis of current land legislation. Land Code of Ukraine prescribes the remediation of disturbed land plots and grounding of unproductive lands. In accordance with the article 165 of Land Code, remediation of disturbed land plots is a set of technic, biotechnological and organizational measures oriented on improving conditions and fertility of disturbed land plots and topsoil restoration. The main directions of remediation are agricultural, forest, fish, water, construction and recreational sectors of economy. Remediation is necessary in case of lands disturbance because of loss their production and economy value and technogenic pollution or damage as a result of industrial enterprise`s activity, development of mineral resources deposits, construction and other works.

Current legislation determines technic and biologic remediation. Technic remediation means stripping, storing and preserving top layer of soil and fertile breeds, and also possible applying it on new land plot for their future use in economy. Technic remediation is conducted by the mining enterprises and establishments, involved into survey and construction works. It is interesting to note that technic remediation is conducted in the same time as construction, mining, exploration and survey works. Biological remediation is directed on increasing and restoring productivity of land where technical remediation was carried out. In other words, biological remediation means a complex of agrotechnical measures for restoring of fertile top layer of soil, increasing productivity of forest, agricultural and other lands, reproduction of fauna and flora. Measures for biological remediation are conducted be the land users which obtain certain land of plot.

Grounding of unproductive lands means stripping, transporting and applying fertile breeds and top layer of soil on unproductive land plots for increasing their fertility.

For conducting a complex of works for remediation of disturbed lands, enterprise should design a remediation project for defining optimal solutions for more efficient use of disturbed land plots and for calculating cost of remediation. The remediation projects are designed by the high-qualified specialists in the sphere of land use basing on tasks and technical specifications of projecting. The technical remediation projects prescribe the development of following actions: backfill, leveling and preparation of land surface for biological remediation; applying of fertile breeds and covering them by the fertile layer of soil; chemical melioration; construction of drainage facilities for prevention water erosion. The project works of biological remediation consist of measures plan for selection agricultural crops and plants; rotation of crops; for choosing technology of processing lands, mineral and organic amendments. Technical specifications – is a document that establishes efficiency of land use, tentative timeline and scope of planned works, and their budget estimate. Technical specifications are designed by the project organization (service provider) in cooperation with specialized institutes and establishments in the sphere of land use, agricultural policy, forest or fish industry.

Long-term experience of specialists of MCL, LLC and productive partnership with such profile establishments as NSC «Institute of agriculture of NAAS» and SE «Kyiv scientific, research and project institute of land organization» allow to provide clients a full range of services in the sphere of land use, design remediation projects and conduct agrochemical and laboratory researches of soils.