Technical training and testing for personnel involved to maintenance of gas treatment unit

Technical training and testing for personnel involved to maintenance of gas treatment unit

Air protection is an important aspect of any object`s activity which emits the pollutant substances. For clearing the emissions, business entities install and use the special equipment. Gas treatment unit (GTU) – complex of structures aimed for removal and capture of pollutant substances from dust-gas steam. The business entities while exploitation of gas treatment units must comply the rules of technical maintenance of GTU. It requires maintaining the gas treatment unit in proper condition for safe and uninterrupted operations. Business entity has to appoint responsible persons for maintaining of GTU in proper conditions, especially:

  • refurbishment and repair of gas treatment unit (overhaul maintenance, planned repair);
  • timely maintenance, maintenance of the technical condition and safe operation of the GTU;
  • keeping the proper conditions of the equipment for sampling;
  • check the correspondence of actual operating parameters of GTU with planned (GTU effectiveness);
  • logging of working hours of gas treatment unit.

For each gas treatment unit in operations must be developed and approved service instructions. In addition, a passport (certificate) of GTU is developed and approved for each one.

Business entity has to organize technical training testing for engineers at least once per three years and service personnel – at least once per year. Technical training and testing must be carried out by the qualified specialists in the field of ecology and atmospheric air protection and in accordance to approved rules of technical maintenance of gas treatment unit. The corresponded record is developed due to the results of training and testing. If business entity implements the modernizations or reconstructions of gas treatment unit or reconstruction, then, accordingly, personnel involved to it exploitation should be aware of technological changes for its safe operations.

Only the certified laboratories can carry out the check of the effectiveness of GTU operations. The results of checking the effectiveness of the GTU are documented as the acts. At the same time, business entity can carry out the technical checkup of gas treatment unit at least twice per year. Moreover, the results of technical checkup are documented as the corresponded acts.

Through complying the rules of technical maintenance of gas treatment unit, business entity follows the rules of technic, fire and industrial safety, and moreover, reduces the emissions of pollutant substances into atmospheric air. In other words, gas treatment units is a tool of air protection.

The specialists of MCL, LLC are experienced in the field of atmospheric air protection, development of passports of GTU, carrying out of technical training and testing of personnel involved to operations with gas treatment unit. For example, recently, in April the leading specialist of MCL, LLC carried out the technical training for personnel of agricultural enterprises. In the nearest future, we plan to carry out the technical training for several businesses form Kyiv and Chernigiv. We expect that you will appreciate the quality of the organization of training, and the level of professional knowledge of specialists in the field of air protection.