Waste inventory and GIWP

Waste inventory and GIWP

Waste inventory and GIWP

In accordance to current legislation of nature protection, if activity of enterprises, organizations and sole proprietors is related with transportation, disposal, recycling and leads to waste production, they are obligated to have corresponded permissible documents (licenses) in the sphere of waste management. The order for preparing and receiving permissible documents for each of them are regulated by current orders, internal rules of administrative services etc. Waste production is the most widely spread activity related with waste management.

Early permissible document for waste production was represented as Permission and Limit for waste production, but the order of their receiving became invalid due to the approval the Order №118 of Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine from 18th of February 2016. According to this order, enterprises, the General Indicator of Waste Production (GIWP – PZUV) of which does not exceed 1000 coins of account and more than 50 c.a., must register waste production declaration. What does GIWP mean? General Indicator of Waste Production is a sum of waste quantity divided due to danger class, for each of them is suitable its index.

How is the GIWP calculated? For example, enterprise produced one ton of polymer wastes, which were divided to fourth danger class and twenty tons of household wastes of fourth danger class, so the GIWP calculation will be in this manner. In sum twenty-one tons of wastes multiplied on index 1, and the GIWP will be 21. Therefore, it is less than 50 and enterprise is not obligated to register waste production declaration. At first thought, the calculation is easy and simply and does not require special knowledge. But during verification of enterprise by state controlling authorities can be unfortunate situation, when an ecological inspector will impute to register declaration. Because polymer wastes refer as third danger class and the GIWP in this case will be 1х50+20 = 70б where 50 – index for third danger class of wastes. For avoid some mistakes it is necessary to prepare waste inventory. What does waste inventory mean?

Waste inventory is a document, which consists of data on waste quantity, is produced at enterprise, reference on their chemical composition and character. In addition, this document justifies danger class of waste. Conducting of waste inventory is a necessary measure of internal audit, which shows all process of waste production and further waste management. Often, in case at issue which class should include a particular type of waste produced during certain technological process, the composition of waste inventory may include special calculation of danger class of waste. This calculation is executed according to requirements of authorities of health protection due to special indicators LD50. It is worth to note that the presence of waste inventory is compulsory at enterprise, and it is controlled by state controlling authorities in the sphere of protection by inspection`s verifications.

Preparation of waste inventory by own efforts can be quite difficult process, because there is no qualified ecologist in each enterprise. That is why, leading company in the sphere of ecology and waste management MCL, LLC propose to its clients the service of preparation of waste inventory, including the calculation of the general indicator of waste production. Besides, the calculation of giwp is conducted in the frameworks of ecological outsourcing that is provided together with a complex of services by MCL, LLC.

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