An inventory waste. Calculation of the general indicator of waste production (GIWP, Пзув)

According to the nature protection legislation of Ukraine, wastes are nonconforming materials or their fragments, pieces, pack or defective articles that cannot be used by legal entity or private individual and which are suitable for utilization, disposal, recycling into secondary raw materials etc. Business activities of almost each enterprise lead to waste production. Early, the permissible document in the sphere of waste production was Permission (License) and Limit for waste production, but thank for government`s attempts to decrease of permissible documents, this one was canceled. Nowadays, waste production declaration and registry card of objects of waste production are permissible documents.

In choose which permission is necessary for enterprise can help the general indicator of waste production GIWP. How is the GIWP calculated? The indicator of GIWP is calculated due to the waste quantity, which has been produced in previous year. The quantity of waste is combined due to its danger class and for each quantity is applied index. The sum of waste including index of each danger class refers as the GIWP. In case, if the GIWP is more 50 and less than 1000 coins of account, enterprise will be obligated annually to register waste production declaration in determined time by law. If the GIWP is more 1000 c.a., enterprise will be obligated to prepare Registry Card of objects of waste production. At first thought, it is simply and easy, but the main question of the GIWP calculation is for which danger class belongs one or other type of waste.

Exactly for this, Ukrainian legislation prescribes the preparation of waste inventory – document that determines waste, which can be produced in enterprise from each activity, their composition, and danger class to which they belong. Conducting of waste inventory is a difficult and responsible process of internal audit. As rule, waste inventory is performed one-time and does not require corrections, except cases if there were changes in technologic processes at enterprise.   Waste inventory is compulsory document and the presence of which is verified by state controlling during verifications.

MCL, LLC proposes you to conduct waste inventory and the GIWP calculation. This work will be conducted in several stages:

  1. Visit of our specialist to enterprise – object of waste production, for analysis of production processes, identification of type and waste composition.
  2. Identification of danger class of waste.
  3. Calculation of waste quantity that has been produced for report period and determination of the GIWP.
  4. Preparation of waste inventory materials.

Performing of all stages is conducted in form «ready-to-operate» with maximum comfort for client, in other words, the customer must provide the copies of act of provided services for transfer of waste to other owners, or the copies of form 1-ВТ.

MCL, LLC basing on long-period experience of waste inventory preparation for enterprises of any size or types of activity, can propose you to conduct a complex of works of the GIWP determining and waste inventory preparation under mutually agreed terms.

Today, certain Laws, Orders, Acts, Instructions and Norms regulate the waste management. Not only employer has a possibility to engage qualified ecologist (and sometimes it is unreasonably), who can follow to all changes in legislation and in time react on their, prepare waste inventory, identify the GIWP. That is why, MCL, LLC proposes the service of ecological outsourcing, in frameworks of which we provide consultative and operation services in the sphere of waste management, including annual calculation of the GIWP.