Ecological outsourcing

Ecological outsourcing

Close every day the modern enterprise tries to find optimal decisions of environmental protection, management of natural resources and permissible activity in the sphere of ecology. The owner of enterprise must immediately solve many urgent problems related with his activity. However, legislation of natural resources management assigns many obligations in the area of environmental protection on entities of production and other activity.

It includes: annual preparation of report 2TF air, 2TF water management, report on compliance of permission`s requirements for pollutants emissionsdetermination of indicator of general waste production, determination of indicator of specific waste production, waste declaration registration, permissions renewal, control for pollutants emissions, quality control for drinking-water and sewage waters, obtaining conditions for discharge, approval with authorized bodies, sanitary-hygienic control, obtaining conclusions of  State Service  of Ukraine on products safety and consumer protection, deratization, desinsection, disinfection, preparation of register cards of waste production object. Not taking into account conducting of environmental expertise of performed object, ecological audit, reduction of sanitary-hygienic zones (SHZ), size establishment of sanitary protection zone, design the project of the evaluation of influence on environment (EIE) and others. These possible necessary measures and actions are required and directed on prevention of environmental legislation violations. But not only each enterprise is able to have in workforce high-qualified ecologists, because for conducting some works are necessary licenses, permissions, accreditations and special equipment.

Major part of entrepreneurs does not have a possibility to look after the changes on legislation and deadline of reports preparation. Therefore, they must address to specialized companies for organization and conduction previously mentioned tasks in case of it is urgent and often after violations identification. At first thought, the way of subcontractor organization engagement for each separate case is the best and the most easiest, but actually, this way requires many time for seek, tenders organization – on behalf of employer, and time for analysis, determination of technical tasks – on the side of contractor.

That is why company MCL, LLC proposes its clients the service of ecological outsourcing. It allows for enterprises of any size and type of activity to delegate all their obligations, established by law, in the sphere of environmental protection, management of natural resources and control for satisfactory obligations execution of subcontractor organizations to high-qualified proved organization. MCL, LLC and its partner organizations have the best set of tools for works execution of any difficulty and scale in short time.

The complex ecological support from MCL, LLC means that every client will be under permanent surveillance of sophisticated specialists, which will look after the compliance of all requirements of legislation in the sphere of environmental protection. In time reports presentation, preparation of required references, maps, and letters for bodies of control and management, information declaration on produced waste, ecological tax calculation, support during verifications state ecological inspection, authorities of Ministry of health protection, effective implementation of European standards ISO, HACCP. All of these and more others can obtain our client in frameworks of ecological outsourcing.

If your enterprise or organization requires the permanent presence of qualified specialist in the sphere of ecology for project realization or process improvement aimed for reducing impact on environment, but you don’t have time for seek and preparation of specialist. You have a possibility to involve this specialist for needed period. Long period experience of successful cooperation and partnership relations with enterprises of neighboring industry among Ukraine allow MCL, LLC to provide the best services in the sphere of ecology customers on favorable terms.

Ordering service of ecological outsourcing, clients of MCL, LLC are able to dispose extra troubles and to find more time for activity, not to straggle on ecological problems solving. Company MCL, LLC guarantees for its clients full transparency and reporting of their activity. All information are passed for MCL, LLC became commercial confidentiality and not be used for aims not established by agreement with client.