Reduction of sanitary-hygienic zone

Reduction of sanitary-hygienic zone

Reduction of sanitary-hygienic zone

Sanitary-hygienic zone (SHZ) – is a territory around production objects aimed for protection of residential and public buildings, recreation zones, health resorts from possible harmful impact on human health. Establishing of sanitary-hygienic zone is compulsory for all objects of economic activity, which can be the source of negative impact on environment and human health. Although, SHZ refers as a territory of special order for usage (limits in operation for reducing impact of chemical and physical factors on atmospheric air).

While working on a project of SHZ and organization of sanitary and epidemiological expertise for establishing sizes of SHZ objects, we use terms and notions approved by legislative acts, sanitary norms and rules. The sizes of sanitary-hygienic zone are defined and regulated by project documents, technological guidelines of equipment and state normative acts and State Sanitary Rules 173-96. Design of project of SHZ can be required for boiler stations. The SHZ for objects in operation can adjusted due to articles of SSR 173-96.

The main objects of impact on population are vibration, hazardous substances emissions into atmospheric air and other biological, chemical, radioactive potentially hazardous objects of impact. The correcting and defining of sizes of sanitary-hygienic zone are conducted in such way as the concentration of harmful substances or noise levels, vibration does not exceed maximum permissible concentration. Therefore, sanitary-hygienic zone refers as protective barrier, providing maintaining of human health and required safety level during permanent activity of object of impact. For protection from harmful impact and for more effective stumble of hazardous substances, sanitary-hygienic zone are wooded; in addition there are recommendations for implementation of planting trees and shrubs in single line of double-level and also, planting of evergreen trees.

It is forbidden to allocate in sanitary-hygienic zone residential buildings, recreation zones, gardens, sanatoriums and cottage complexes, individual or collective summer cottage, children`s playgrounds and sports playgrounds, recreational and treatment establishments, educational institutions. Although, in SHZ is prohibited allocation of enterprises of production medical preparations and agents, storages for saving substances and materials of pharmaceutical production, objects of food industry, storages for saving food staples and food products, objects of water-retaining constructions for potable water.

There is no prohibition to allocate within sanitary-hygienic zone industrial objects: premises for shift workers (but duration no more than two weeks), non-residential premises for breakdown staff, administrative and municipal buildings, research laboratories and designing bureau, medical centers, laundries and saunas, hotels, motels, garages and premises for individual and public transport, depot, communications, gas- and oil-pipe lines, power lines, wells, constructions for preparation and storage of process water, service stations, gas filling stations and canalization stations. In modern conditions of development of tools and methods for noise prevention and in case of insufficient area for residential buildings near objects that located in SHZ.

Particularly, the specialists of MCL, LLC and architectural bureau designed the complex of measures and special engineering decisions for allocation of residential complex within sanitary-hygienic zone of railway station. As one example of necessary reduction of sanitary-hygienic zone, there was a situation: for years of dead time of piggery activity, near it has been constructed residential buildings, and in premises of abounded piggery has been appeared manufactory for baking bread and flour products. New owner has launched abandoned piggery and thanking implementation of modern European equipment and usage of biologically active probiotics, which have helped to reduce the volume of pollutants emissions into the atmospheric air and regarding to teamwork with specialists of MCL, LLC, we have achieved the reduction of SHZ.

The specialists of MCL, LLC, guided by years of experience in development of individual project decisions directed on leveling of impact of hazardous factors on human health, and due to objective justification of opportunity to reduce sanitary-hygienic zone, provide qualified services for reduction of sanitary-hygienic zone or for justification of possible allocation of residential buildings within sanitary-hygienic zone.