Development and approval of sanitary-hygienic zones (SHZ) project and projects for SHZ square reduction

According to the article №114 of Code of land laws sanitary-hygienic zones (SHZ) developed around objects which are the source of harmful substances emission, smell, uplevel noise, vibration, ultrasonic and electromagnetic waves, electric field and ionizing radiation for their isolation from residential area. Within the bounds of sanitary-hygienic zones are prohibited the construction of accommodation facilities, social infrastructure and others related with presence of people. Ukrainian legislation approves the legal frameworks.

SHZ developed for population protection from negative influence of production factors (dust, gas, noise, vibration) the volume of which should not exceed hygienic norms.

SHZ regulate the bounds of urban development and protect company from unjustified claims from people close living, from local authorities of environmental protection and sanitary inspection. In addition, SHZ protect from possible new constructions or other objects with normed quality indicators within the approved limits of zone.

Legal framework of SHZ lands established by Ukrainian legislation. The SSR №173-96 «During decisions making of settlement development and construction it is necessary to follow requirements of current construction norms, rules and other instructive-methodic documents approved by the Ministry of health protection of Ukraine». It permits to execute SHZ lands during development of project documentation based on its conclusion of state sanitary-epidemiological inspection, approved by chief sanitary doctor of Ukraine (for objects of I-III danger range).

According to point 5.5 of SSR №173-96 «The SHZ square for industrial enterprises and other objects which are the sources of industrial contaminants, should established due to current sanitary norms of their location according to MND-86 «Practical methods of calculation hazardous substances concentration into the atmosphere», by calculations of noise level and electromagnetic radiation taking into account actual sanitary situation (background pollution, landscape particularities, weather conditions, wind rose) and data of laboratory researches.

Specialists of MCL, LLC have unconditional experience for development of special project decisions that neutralize negative influence of sanitary factors on human health and justification of possibility reducing SHZ.