Buildings certification in accordance with BREEAM standard

BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) is a way of voluntary evaluation of ecological efficiency and rank of energy expenses of building constructions. BREEAM procedure founded on the mode of assessment, determination of notional value and certification of major construction factors, which provide their ecological, economic and social stability for long-running perspective. This method was developed in 1990 by British organization BRE Global for ecological efficiency estimation of building constructions. BREEAM evaluation method addresses to line of stages of life cycle like new construction, refurbishment and operation. BREEAM method aimed to inspire designers, constructors and investors to achieve excellent results in modern green construction, implementation of technical innovations and rational use of existing resources and materials. Due to BREEAM`s attention for sustainable construction and effective resources usage, it does its certification system more attractive for investments and form ecologically stable and safe internal and external environment.

Which way of service providing does BREEAM use? Assessment BREEAM method means value evaluation of such components as material and technics support, construction and operational service per established goals at primary stage of project. Independent and authorized experts (assessors) carry out evaluation due to BREEAM method. Conclusion of this verification is getting one of current certificate on-scale: «Passed/Certified», «Good», «Very good», «Excellent» and «Outstanding».

How does BREEAM assessment work? As previously mentioned, assessment BREEAM system has been determined by the total amount of received point of main categories and, in such a way, received certificate corresponds to general appraisal of project. Therefore, the process of evaluation under BREEAM consists of such stages:

  1. At first, the developer decides which type of standard will be better for his future project.
  2. Designer could engage authorized BREEAM expert for comparing of developed project due to established standards.
  3. BREEAM`s expert conducts your project registration.
  4. Conducting of preliminary evaluation of developed project with the participation of BREEAM authorized group of experts.
  5. Under evaluation, you must provide all necessary documents and license as to construction and design at the request of authorized group of experts.
  6. Group of experts distributes the points for each category.
  7. You receives appropriate BREEAM certificate, and your project is entered in a list of BREEAM`s project and Green Book Live.

BREEAM certification is an independent validation conducted by third qualified parties for the purpose of service, product or technology correspondence BREEAM standards. Thanks to qualified verification of construction or building, the producers and clients can obtain absolute advantages, as follows:

  • Producers (suppliers) proves clients that their products or service correspond to the global BREEAM standards;
  • Clients (consumers) can trust their suppliers that services or products have high grade and correspond to current standards of BREEAM certification.

Thus, there are two widely used types of green certification: LEED and BREEAM. Are there any differences between them? Yes, there are a few of them. BREEAM was a father of assessment system in the sphere of ecology, but over the years of its existence was forced to adopt to tendencies in construction. The BREEAM criteria, on which assessment are conducted, are stricter in comparing with LEED method. In the process of evaluation British designers and experts take into account national conditions of business, law`s specifics, so demonstrate the flexibility of their method. LEED, conversely, keeps on realization of American standards of certification, but the assessment criteria are not strict limited. In addition, when choosing method of certification it is better to take into account the project stage, because LEED method foresees compulsory involvement of expert at primary phase of construction development.

When choosing method of certification it is necessary in detail analyze the project, because only its comprehensive studding could allow to select the best rational type of standard for each concrete project. The specialists of MCL, LLC will help you to choose certification method, but also successfully organize its conducting for getting desirable certificate. The presence of Ukrainian and foreign partners in the sphere of ecology and considerable experience in the sphere of environmental protection provide advantage for MCL, LLC over their competitors in the process of conducting certification according to the international requirements.