BREEAM – standard of ecological construction and energy efficiency of “green buildings”

BREEAM – standard of ecological construction and energy efficiency of “green buildings”

BREEAM – standard of ecological construction and energy efficiency of “green buildings”

BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) is a method of environmental efficiency of buildings around the world. This method of certification uses a simply assessment system that is easy for understanding and clearly confirmed. The voluntary rate of assessment of green buildings was developed in Great Britain by Bre Global for assessment of ecological efficiency of constructions. At first, this method was aimed for offices and approved in 1990.

Certified buildings by BREEAM are more effective in comparing with uncertified. They allow economizing costs, increasing a competitive advantage and financial value of company through interest to sustainable development. An approach of sustainable development means as pre-condition of long-term human progress accompanied by increasing of funds and improving of environmental conditions.

BREEAM can help win a leading position in the market through the construction of «green buildings»; improve the working and living environment; demonstrate an achievement of corporate goals for environmental protection; comply all legislative requirements and adopt to local legislation and conditions considering norms and standards. Also, BREEAM is able to adopt for a specific field of activity thereby increasing the efficiency and success of the company. BREEAM is suitable for all type of buildings (for malls, offices, educational institutions, industrial objects, eco-buildings, sustainable buildings).

How does BREEAM work? In the process of assessment taking into account the following sections of environmental impact: energy, management, life safety, transport, water, materials, waste disposal, land use, pollution, ecology. In each of these sections, the company can get points, that then are multiplied by the coefficients (factors) of the environment; this coefficient defines an importance of each section. Further, all points are summarized and due to obtained result the company can get stars and the corresponded certificate.

There are several schemes of BREEAM assessment: BREEAM International New Construction (evaluates new buildings and suitable for residential and public buildings); BREEAM In-Use (evaluates the existing buildings and allows reducing the expenses and improving the environmental impact); BREEAM Refurbishment (suitable for buildings that are in the process of reconstruction).

When choosing method of certification, it is necessary in detail analyze the project, because only its comprehensive studding could allow to select the best rational type of standard for each concrete project. The specialists of MCL, LLC will help you to choose certification method, but also successfully organize its conducting for getting desirable certificate. The presence of Ukrainian and foreign partners in the sphere of ecology and considerable experience in the sphere of environmental protection provide advantage for MCL, LLC over their competitors in the process of conducting certification according to the international requirements.