Ductwork systems standard LPS 2084

Ductwork systems standard LPS 2084

The scientists and researchers of British company BRE Global on May 2017 have presented a standard LPS 2084 (Loss Prevention Standard) which consists of the requirements for companies that have intention to pass a certification according to BREEAM in the sphere of carrying out of inspections, cleaning and maintenance of ductwork systems including kitchen extraction systems. Companies, which have passed the certification in accordance to the standard LPS 2084, can be sure that extraction equipment as all ductwork systems at enterprise work properly. According to the requirements of LPS 2084, the companies, which have obtained a corresponded, certificate BREEAM LPS 2084 to provide services for conducting inspections, cleaning and maintenance of ductwork systems, must comply the all requirements due to an agreement, keep records and in time provide a report about functioning of  ductwork systems of enterprise of their client, define all limits and obstacles that arise during the functioning of ductwork systems, and, of course, develop recommendations for their elimination for safety of their functioning.

The main purpose of development the LPS 2084 was to prevention an occurrence of fires because of accumulation the remains of fats and combustible deposits in pipes and other extraction equipment. Therefore, due to the results of researches the periodical cleaning and treating of ductwork system reduce the occurrence of fires at kitchen, following to providing safety for all occupants of building. Therefore, the basis of this standard is an idea to spread among population not only the systematic visual inspection, but also treating trough using chemical washing agents and mechanical devices. In accordance to the requirements of LPS 2084 all equipment and cleaning agents must be stored in conditions mentioned in agreement between company which provides the services of cleaning, inspection and maintenance of ductwork systems.

In addition, the very important point in providing such services is a waste management such as fats, greases and oils, because this type of waste, especially in much concentration, can cause a hazard for occurring of fires, therefore their disposal can be conducted correctly and only by the qualified and authorized technologist. The producers of treating equipment and washing agents carrying out the trainings and studying of staff, which will be perform such functions under control of BRE Global for ensure that all equipment and machines meet the current requirements of LPS 2084. After successful studying, the company, which is going to provide service of maintenance of extraction equipment, obtains a certificate for conducting of these services under BRE Global control.

The company can chose which service to provide whether it is just inspection of extraction equipment or cleaning and maintenance, or in a complex. After inspection or cleaning of extraction equipment, an accredited company prepares a report about preformed work where must be noticed the following information: the type of extraction equipment, level of pollution, type of waste, difficulty/ease of access for inspection/treating of ductwork system, presence of fire protection measures, power and regime of ductwork equipment work, recommendations for increasing an effectiveness of extraction equipment.

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