Gas treatment units (GTU)

Gas treatment units (GTU)

Modern world tendencies of environmental care and green status of planet are required more attention to reduce anthropogenic impact of human activity on natural environment, including emissions of pollutant substances into atmospheric air. Standard ISO 13.040.01 «Air quality in general» regulates measures for reducing emissions of pollutant substances. Every year there are designed and implemented new technological solutions and equipment which allow enterprises to reduce quantity and volume of pollutant substances into atmospheric air, among them there are gas treatment units (GTU). Many world companies design and produce modern and effective equipment for clearance of dust-gas stream. The clients of these companies are millions of companies among the world, which understand the importance of environmental preservation and recognize their reputation.

Unfortunately, Ukraine is not on this modern wave. The fact is that, even Ukrainian legislation consists of many laws aimed to protect atmospheric air and environment in general, but there are not strong impact instruments for stimulating enterprises to reduce the volume of emissions of pollutant substances into atmospheric air. A major part of world governments encourages enterprises for minimizing of quantity of emissions of pollutant substances into atmospheric air and for modernizing equipment that clear gas, through increasing of ecological tax. Regardless that increasing of ecological tax can impact on enterprises, such policy has help enterprises to economize much costs. In 1993 the British government imposed the highest ecological tax in the world, in the same way he gave a push for entrepreneurs to reduce emissions of pollutant substances. And three years after the amount of money that government have received from eco tax reduced in 10% in comparison with 1993.

Types and forms of GTU is varied due to their functional purpose. Depending on type of equipment, which lead to emissions of pollutant substances, there are implemented different forms of gas treatment equipment. For example, aspiration equipment type GIPRODDREVPROM is aimed for filtration of dust-gas stream and for capture large particles (wood scraps) to collect it in camera for utilization. These cyclones are from soviet past. They are massive, and tubes of these cyclones often became obstructed and require permanent service of qualified personnel. In addition, they are sensitive to weather conditions, and ventilators for dust stream directing into aspiration camera for long distance must be equipped with high-power engine of uneconomical consumption of energy. In the alternative, can be used modern cyclones, that have two-level clearance system. Such cyclones can be located close near the source of emission – in premises. They do not occupy much space, and modern materials, which used for filters producing, provide maximum effectiveness of clearance of dust-gas stream.

In accordance to the requirements of article 7 the law of Ukraine «On atmospheric air protection», enterprises, which used GTU, must control its effectiveness. And due to the order №52 from 6th of February 2009 approved by the Ministry of ecology, the Passport of GTU must be registered in this Ministry.

MCL, LLC proposes enterprises which perform any production among Ukraine, to conduct control of GTU effectiveness, prepare passport of GTU in frameworks of ecological outsourcing and separately, at competitive prices. Longstanding partnership with the best specialists in the sphere of atmospheric air protection allows MCL, LLC to execute project tasks with calculation of GTU power and aspiration systems installation, which correspond to the requirements of national and European standards.