Requirements of maintaining the landfills of solid household waste

Requirements of maintaining the landfills of solid household waste

Requirements of maintaining the landfills of solid household waste

With the growth of an economy, the number of goods and services offered together with the volume of industrial and household waste is increasing. Waste is a global problem, therefore the business entities try to propose more items and services by the lowest process for their customers. As a result, we have a huge volume of waste that produced in cities and surround.

It worth to know that incorrect waste management can lead to infection diseases, because there are synanthropes at landfills, which are carriers of hazardous diseases. Also these bacteria can cause pollution of soils, underground waters, atmosphere and fire development.

For avoiding all these negative consequences and impacts there are constructed the landfills of solid household waste (items or goods that lost their consumer properties). The landfill looks like special construction aimed for solid household waste storing and disposal. In other words, the main purpose of landfill functioning is a protection of environment from pollution. It is important to use the area aimed for landfill as effectively as possible, to ensure the safe use of this land plot after the landfill closure.

In Ukraine there is an order «On approval of the rules maintaining the landfills of solid household waste». These rules are developed for ensuring that landfill`s activity is useful and protect environment from pollution. By the way, all enterprises activity of which related with maintenance of landfills must comply the requirements of these rules.

At the entrance to the landfill must be a board with information about this object (name, data of start to work, time schedule, types of waste accepted at landfill). In addition, it necessary to organize checkpoint with weighbridge for weigh the waste taken, watch tower and devices for radiometric control.

Also, while maintaining the landfills it required to comply the rules of ecological and sanitary safety. In accordance to the law at landfills there is compulsory must be monitoring system aimed for environmental protection and surroundings. It is necessary to collect samples of air for controlling a status of atmosphere within sanitary-hygienic zone and at landfill. For doing this, business entity must involve authorized laboratory for analysis. Also, it is important to carry out researches of soils. Pollutant substances can move through soil to underground waters, that`s why it`s really important to monitor them by using special wells and protect underground waters through equipping of groundwater protection.

Legal requirements prescribe to develop a map with indicated area for detrucking and storing waste. These maps are involved to annual technologic actions plan.

Due to the state construction norms «The landfills of solid household waste. Projecting», for each landfill must be designed a project with sanitary-technic passport (certificate). Only due to this project can be organized any works and processes at landfill. And, of courses, for each landfill should be designed instruction for its exploitation. According to the procedure of registering the places for waste disposal approved by the Act №1216 (1216-98-п) of Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine at landfill should be the passport of places of waste disposal. This passport consists of information about ecological and sanitary-hygienic measures carried out during a year.

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