Project design of small hydro-power plants

Project design of small hydro-power plants

Project design of small hydro-power plants

An electricity plays a major role for every human, city and country. Thanks to electricity all technics, high-tonnage equipment and even lights are working. So the humanity has a possibility easy to find any information, ride the high-speed trains, cook and stock food. In general, from start of using electric power, human lives were significantly simplified; electricity is successfully used absolutely in all sectors of economy you can imagine. By the way, the rates of scientific and technic progress and well-being of population depend on electric power.

But, as you know, there are not many advantages of using electricity. Unfortunately, disadvantages of permanent using of electric power are the impact on ecosystems, because one of the main source of environmental pollution is electricity, especially, heat power industry. The heat power stations operate on using organic fuel (oil, gas, coal, shales). As a result of fuel combustion, can occur the pollution of atmosphere, and when fixing some gases with atmospheric water is possible acids formation and acid rains that lead to losses the fauna and flora, acidification of soils and water bodies.

To find solutions for these problems it required to increase the using of hydro energetics and to recognize a necessity of implementing an alternative energy that allow to reduce a risk of negative impact on environment.

Hydro-power plants (hydroelectric station) use the energy of water. They are built on rivers through constructing water reservoirs and embankments. These stations have many advantages: they use renewable energy; produced energy is quite cheap; their operations don’t lead to pollution of atmosphere; they contribute the increasing of fish stock and fishing.

Hydro-power plants are divided on powerful, average and small ones. The construction of small hydro-power plants contributes to use the facilities of small rivers of Ukraine. But now, there is no common meaning of small hydro-power plant. Main characteristic of small hydro-power plants adopted by their installed capacity. There are small hydro-power plants with capacity up to 10 Mega Watts. The main benefits of small hydro-power plants are that they produce the cheapest and safest electricity from all existing alternatives ways, can produce energy when it necessary (highest energy).

Using of hydro facilities of small rivers of Ukraine can reduce the expenses of fuel and energy resources and solve problems of energy supply to distant and remote regions. Small hydro stations are able to become a base for energy saving of all regions of Ukraine and almost to provide electricity for certain regions of Zakarpattya and Chernivtsi region.

Using of small hydroelectric stations can reduce energy dependence from municipal services, provide permanent obtaining of energy in comparing with solar or wind powers, guarantee short time for preparing and constructing, significantly decrease the necessity of staff at stations, because small hydro-power plants can operate automatically.

MCL, LLC proposes for business entities the services of projecting the objects construction. Projecting of construction of small hydro-power plants can be as separately or as in complex of services including a comprehensive construction due diligence, ecological and expert appraisal, obtaining a conclusion of evaluation of impact on surroundingsjustifying the deviations from construction norms in the context of sanitary rules. Regarding to successful collaboration the experts of MCL, LLC with leading Ukrainian scientific and research and project establishments, you can be sure in high quality of projecting the construction of small hydro-power plants.