Project design of wind farm

Project design of wind farm

Project design of wind farm

The new energy strategy of Ukraine «Safety, energy efficiency, competitiveness» prescribes the benchmarks of energy development for the period up to 2035. Implementation of strategy is conducted in three stages:

  • reforming of energy sector up to 2020;
  • optimization and innovative development of energy infrastructure up to 2025;
  • ensuring of sustainable development of energy sector up to 2035.

Implementation of strategy causes an increasing of use the law-carbon and renewable sources of energy and reducing of greenhouse gas emission. The low-carbon sources of energy are nuclear energy, and renewable – solar, wind water energy and biomass.

From the beginning of 2018, the wind farms of Ukraine generate approximately 505 MW of green energy. In general, Ukraine has a potential and perspectives for development of wind energy. The project of wind farm is required complying with the current legislative requirements. The designing of wind farms includes many compulsory procedures according to Ukrainian legislation, they are:

  1. At first, project of wind farm begins from the development of investment plan.
  2. Business entity has to obtain the rights for a land plot where construction of wind farm is planned and to develop a land management plan.
  3. To coordinate of the question on connection of wind farm to the electric network, to obtain the technical specifications and carry out of measurements of wind flow.
  4. To develop the Project Statement of wind farm including obtaining of the town-planning requirements and restrictions and to approve the construction of energy object, the height of which is up to 50 m.
  5. To develop the project estimates documentation including the materials of evaluation of impact on environment.
  6. To carry out an environmental impact assessment in accordance to the law of Ukraine № 2059-19 «On environmental impact assessment» for comprehensive analysis of planned activity impact.
  7. To ensure the pre-construction and construction works (submit a letter of advice on the beginning of construction works and obtain permission for construction).
  8. Accordingly to the technical procedure of wind farm construction is required to conduct the adjustment works and acceptance testing.
  9. To put into operations of the energy object and to connect to the electric network.
  10. Business entity has to obtain a license for energy generating.
  11. It is required to become a member of wholesale market for electrical energy by submitting an application and signing the contract.
  12. To submit to the Energy and Utilities and National Regulatory Commission (NKREKP) the application on establishing of green price, and in case of using Ukrainian equipment – application for an extra charge to the “green” tariff.
  13. To sign an agreement of purchase and sale of energy with State Enterprise «Energorynok».

The development of project of wind farm must be conducted within complying the laws and regulatory documents of Ukraine. Also, in the process of design the wind farm is required to involve project engineers, researchers, analytics and specialists of energy sector.

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