Executing of registered cards of objects of waste production

Any economic activity of enterprise leads to waste production. Waste refers as nonconforming materials or their fragments, pack or defective articles that cannot be reused by legal entity or private individual and which are suitable for utilization, disposal, recycling into secondary raw materials etc. Government though permissible documents regulates and controls waste production for enterprises of different sectors.

The main criteria to define required type of permissible document in the sphere of waste management are a value of the general indictor of waste production (GIWP). If the GIWP is between 50 and 1000 c.a., enterprise must have registered Waste Production Declaration. However, if the value of the GIWP is over 1000 coins of account, enterprise will prepare and represent register card of objects of waste production. The form, content and the list of state authorities, which agree, and approval Register Card of Object of Waste Production (OWP), are regulated by corresponded order №41 of Ministry of ecology and natural resources of Ukraine from 17th of February 1999.

It worth to note that calculation of the general indicator of waste production is not difficult, but the key moment of calculation is correct distribution of waste due to their class of danger. Therefore, national legislation prescribes the development of waste inventory. Waste inventory is a document aimed to determine waste, which can be produced at enterprise, their class of danger and composition. The development of waste inventory requires experience and corresponded knowledge, so it is better to delegate it to qualified specialist, because state authorities of natural protection will check the presence and content of this document.

Business subjects, activity of which leads to waste production and the value of general indicator of waste production is between 50 and 1000 coins of account, are obligated annually to represent waste production declaration in accordance to established form, approved by the Act №118 of Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine from 18th of February 2016. Therefore, business subject, producing waste, only reports about their production for year and does not forecast a quantity of produced waste for next period.

For support of enterprise in the sphere of waste management, MCL, LLC proposes you to conduct waste inventory and adequately calculate the GIWP. For effective cooperation and successful completing of established tasks, our specialist visit your enterprise-object of waste production for analysis of production processes, technological processes and determining the waste composition, type and their class of danger. Although, specialist of MCL, LLC can calculate general quantity of waste, produced for reporting year, and the value of GIWP.

MCL, LLC gains a reputation of successful partner in the sphere of waste management. Only for last year, our specialists developed more than thirty waste inventories for private and state enterprises. If you delegate to specialists of MCL, LLC all required functions in the sphere of waste management, you will get reliable partner with long-period experience, which is able to provide the service of ecological outsourcing in complex with consultations and required actions in the sphere of ecology and, particularly, waste management.