Construction of energy efficiency buildings and green certification are gaining in popularity among developers. The most spread standards of green certification are British BREEAM and US LEED. Both of them put the rigid requirements of assessment for correspondence to standard`s conditions. Choosing the most suitable standard it is required to be aware of methodology of assessment and in detail to know the important aspects of object. LEED and BREEAM differ from each other. What should be consider while choose method of certification? What are the differences between LEED and BREEAM?

US standard LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) assesses construction projects to the following criteria: constructional materials and resources, land plot, technical equipment for its safe maintenance and transport accessibility to a building. For example, constructional resources and materials used in construction must be friendly to environment and human health. In assessing the land plot, it considered the location of object in relation its field of activity and the surrounding of the object. Technical equipment of building means the safety and compliance the maintaining rules of all engineering systems and communication lines. In addition, LEED assesses the system of water supply and water saving (for example, to save water through collecting rainwater and re-use it). LEED certification is more suitable for industrial and manufacturing units because of focus on energy efficiency and energy saving of building. LEED standard was developed for assessment of energy efficiency or measures for it increasing. But distinctive feature of LEED assessment in comparison to BREEAM assessment is engaging of an Auditor of certification at the stage of project design. Involving LEED`s assessors is nit prescribed at construction, put into operations or overhaul maintenance stages.

BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) was the first method of voluntary ecological certification of buildings. Beyond, American scientists and researchers developed LEED system on the base of internal standards and values. Due to the BREEAM, assessment of buildings is carried out at design, construction, putting into operations or overhaul maintenance stage. In other words, as opposed to LEED, methodology of BREEAM contributes the assessment of any stages of building or construction process lifecycles. It considered a flexibility of British system of buildings certification. In sum, green certification due to BREEAM is more advisable and efficient for office buildings, malls, business centers and residential buildings. BREEAM method sets rigid criteria for assessment in comparison to LEED standard.

If you choose between BREEAM and LEED, at first, it worth to study the project or apply to experienced auditors and assessors. MCL, LLC has the licensed auditors due to BRREAM and LEED systems. Moreover, with it, MCL, LLC has experience in green international certification due to these standards.