Ukraine is in TOP 10 countries that are most attractive to invest in renewable energy

Ukraine is in TOP 10 countries that are most attractive to invest in renewable energy

Ukraine is in TOP 10 countries that are most attractive to invest in renewable energy

Ukraine is in the TOP-10 countries that are most attractive to invest in green energy, placing the 8th position according to the Climatescope 2019 Annual Report.

Compared to 2018, we moved up to for 55 positions. Thanks to governmental reforms in the energy sector, attractive green tariffs and tax rates, the amount of investments is increasеd every year. In 2018, 801 million dollars was invested in renewable energy. This is on 755 million more than in 2017.

On the territory of Ukraine, the total capacity of biogas, solar, wind and hydro power station increased more than twice in 2019, compared with 2017 and 2018.

Solar power plant has the fastest growth in Ukraine. Investments in this energy sector are the largest. Chinese, Spanish and Norwegian companies are now the leading investors in the solar energy sector.

The largest solar power plants in Ukraine are Nikopol with a capacity 246 MW, Tokmak Solar Energy with capacity 50 MW and Ternovitsa with capacity 20 MW.

Solar energy is used throughout Ukraine to generate heat and electricity.

Among European countries by the number of wind farms installed in the first half of 2019, Ukraine is the 5th.

The most powerful wind farms in Ukraine are Botievska wind farm with capacity 200 MW and Prymorska wind farm with capacity 200 MW.

In general, Europe invested 8.8 billion Euro for the construction of new wind farms in the first half of 2019.  At this money should be installed wind farms with 5.9 GW capacity for several years. By 2030, renewable energy will be 32% from all energy in Europe.

Wind power has many advantages. For example, electricity generation from wind farm is not accompanied by carbon dioxide emissions, so it is an environmentally friendly form of energy generation.  One of the main advantages is the renewability and inexhaustibility of wind energy. Wind farms take up little space and are easily placed in inaccessible places.

The disadvantages are the hazard for flora and fauna, some noise pollution and flickering of shadows.

So, for quality wind farms design, you need complying with a number of laws and regulatory and legal acts of Ukraine, involve researchers, design engineers, energy sector analysts and environmental specialists.

Based on our experience, for the purpose of justification safety of exploitation wind farm, clients establish a sanitary hygienic zone. The size of the sanitary-hygienic zone of the wind farm depends on the type of wind turbines, their number and the selected land plot.

In order to assess the impact from the wind farm operations of, it is required to carry out the environmental impact assessment (EIA). As part of the EIA for wind farms, monitoring of flora and fauna, field study is carried out to determine intensity and character of  impact on fauna and flora. WindPro software is used to determine the noise pollution and flickering and shimmer of the shadows.

During investment programs by the financial institutions, Social and Environmental Impact Assessment (ESIA) is required for construction of the wind farm.

MCL is a member of the Ukrainian Wind Energy Association (UWEA), which allows to involve the best specialists of the wind power sector of Ukraine in the process of developing wind farm project. We design wind farms, implement EIA and ESIA, establish sanitary hygienic zones.