Лідери зеленої енергетики у 2020 році
Компанія MCL завершила сертифікацію найбільшого бізнес-парку Києва БЦ Horizon Park по стандарту BREEAM In-Use
Компанія ENSO отримала Премію IBULD
Review of the WindEnergy Hamburg 2020
For the first time in Ukraine, a residential building is certified according to the BREEAM standard!
The Verkhovna Rada banned public hearings within EIA during quarantine
Post-project monitoring for forestry entities after environmental impact assessment
Monitoring of fauna and flora as part of environmental impact assessment of wind farms
Minecoenergo continues to perform its functions in quarantine through COVID-19
The Ministry of Energy approved the Guidelines for the development of a report on environmental impact assessment in the field of forestry